Discovery Of Anti Aging Peptides

Anti Aging Peptides?

Do anti aging peptides have a say? The specific limit of human and animal lifespans is about 30-40% greater than their average lifespans. This could be due to adverse factors that cause changes in gene structure and expression, as well as disorders in protein synthesis and organ functioning. 

Recent achievements in theoretical and applied gerontology allowed goal-seeking regulation of aging-associated alterations.Therefore, one of the priorities of gerontology today consists in prevention of premature aging and age-associated pathology, finally aimed at the increase in an average lifespan, maintaining active longevity and reaching an upper limit of human life.


Integrating fundamental research into medicine led to a better understanding of how clinical progress is dependent on molecular medicine. Research in genes and biologically-active molecules. In designing new pharmaceuticals or technologies, molecular, cell and genetic biology have often been a key component of molecular medicine.

Today, molecular medicine is at the forefront of studying genetic mechanisms of aging. These have been identified. Potential increase in average lifespan, up to a specific limit (biological reserves).

Genes that regulate the development of an individual and the onset or progression of diseases.


Regulator therapy is the use of modulators to regulate transcription, deterring or restoring genetically conditioned changes that occur with age. This involves studying the genetic mechanisms of aging. It is essential to understand the genome and any underlying disorders, as well as to be able to use substances that have a selective effect on gene expression.

Modern Biogerontology is a critical issue. It is crucial to design bioregulators that would help achieve a special life span and maintain major physiological functions. The role of anti aging peptides to prevent premature aging is the focus of the research.

The peptidergic regulation homeostasis plays an important role in a complex series of physiological processes that lead to the aging and dysfunction of cells, tissues, and organisms as a whole.

Functional and morphological equivalents of aging are the involution and destruction of tissues and organs, mainly those that are part of major regulatory systems (endocrine, nervous, and immune). Data suggest age-associated hypoplasia and, in certain cases, atrophy of the pineal, thymus and brain cortex neurons as well as subcortical structures and retina.

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